Durwa's Reflections

25th May 2015 (monday)
Pre-Camp Reflections

I am looking forward to start this project because it is an hands-on project. It is interesting to know that we will be able to build a prototype. We will also be learning about the structures of various water towers.

Through this project, I think that we will learn how to apply theory into real life applications. I will be able to learn about the importance of water towers and how they are useful in daily life.

As of now, I do not have any immediate questions.

26th May 2015 (tuesday)
First Day 

We had to make a prototype of a water tower. First, we discussed the possible ideas of the structures of water towers. After we had an idea of what to do, we started building our prototype. At the end of the day, all prototypes were tested with the amount of weight it could take before collapsing. Our prototype took 385N.

I have learnt that communication and planning is very essential. Without it, it is nearly impossible to accomplish something together in a group. 
Also, the base is a very important part of the water tower and it is very necessary for the base to be reenforced multiple times in order for it to be strong enough to support the tank. 

I feel that today's activities have been very encouraging and have helped a lot in promoting group work. Since it was hands-on, they were even more exciting and creative. I have made great memories with my group members and have enjoyed the day very much.

27th May 2015 (wednesday)
Second Day

Today, we started off by making a presentation about our project. We were given about 2 hours to prepare for the project and at the end, we had to present it. The group with the best presentation wins.

I have learnt that in a good presentation, the speakers must be confident and well rehearsed. Alongside, a detailed and well explained presentation is extremely important in order to convey your message.

Today's activities were simple yet engaging. Although they were demanding because we only have 2 hours, we were able to come up with a good presentation and I have enjoyed the experience of working in a group to create the presentation.

Why is it necessary for the structure to be light weight?

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