Nishtha's Reflections

25th May 2015: Pre-Camp!

What sounds interesting about this project?

- Making a tower to withstand water sounds interesting as we will be given specific materials to design our own water tower. Working in a restricted environment will let me know how adaptable I really am.

What do I think I can learn from this project?

- I think I can learn many things from this project from example I can learn how to work within a restricted timeline and equipments given. I can learn more about teamwork since we are doing this project as a team. I can also learn to apply theory into real life applications, for instance I have already learnt about materials so now I know which material will be put where due to its properties.

Any immediate questions regarding this project?

-Will we get to test out our prototype beforehand to test out its strength? (to make further amendments)

All in all, I look forward to this project =))))))

26th May 2015: First Day of Camp

What did I do today?

- Today was a lot of fun as we made our water tower. We were given a base limitation of 25 cm and height limitation of 24 to 25 cm. We were 3 sticks of balsa wood, glue, base and top parts. We had a lot of mind boggling situations in order to come with an appropriate structure. For the first 1/1/2 hours we planned and then the rest of day was set aside for constructing the tower. 

What did I learn today?
  • Firstly, we need to plan properly so that we do not run out of our equipments.
  • Secondly, we learnt that in order to support mass, the structure itself needs to be light otherwise a heavy structure supporting a heavy load does not make any sense. Also in a real life situation, if the structure is heavy and it breaks, it will cause much more damage than a light weighted structure.
  • Thirdly, in order for it support mass the base should be the strongest and should be reinforced repeatedly. There should also be "supporters", like balsa sticks glued to the main balsa sticks so that not all the tension is accumulated at the middle of the main balsa sticks as bending error can easily occur and snap the structure into 2.
All in all, I learnt a lot of things while making our structure. I would like thank Asst Prof Joseph Cheung for his constant guidance and letting us know on our areas of improvements.

How do I feel about today's activities?

-Overall, I feel today was a very intriguing and fulfilling day. Intriguing because we had to come up with a suitable and good design and fulfilling because we ended up doing much better than what we had expected. I had a very fun, enjoyable and memorable experience trying to make my own water tower! =)

27th May 2015: Second day of Camp!

What did you do today?
- Today, we made our presentation slides for around 3 hours. We had to include our projects's overview, objectives, background research on Water Tower, methods, results, our learning points, our area of improvements, process summary and special thanks.

What did I learn today?
- I learnt that a wordy presentation can make people feel overwhelmed and our audience will not read or listen to us.  Secondly, whenever we are presenting we should project our voice confidently so that our audience gets the message that we are trying to convey. Thirdly, the audience can tell whether you put effort in your presentation so make sure you planned it out well. The fourth learning point was that when the audience asks a tough question of which you do not know the answer off, do not be a smart aleck and try to answer, just admit that you cannot answer.

How do I feel about today's activities?
- I feel that today's activity was simple but should-put-effort-in activity. I feel that this was a very good platform to let others know what we did throughout this Flagship Programme.

Do I have any questions?

28th May 2013: Final yet Fun Day!

I feel that this programme has deepened my knowledge on the various disciplines such equilibrium, engineering, building and construction and etc. I feel that this flagship programme is a wonderful platform to expose us, we students, to real life situations. I strongly encourage that this programme should continue as it would be very beneficial for juniors.

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