Shanice's Reflections

25th May 2015 (Monday)
Pre-camp Reflections

What sounds interesting about this project?

It sounds interesting because we can build our own water tower out of a kind of which name i have not heard of before.

What do you think you can learn from this project?

I think what I can learn from this project is that we will be able to learn the benefits of using balsa wood for a water tower and also how a water tower works.

Any immediate questions regarding the project?


26th May 2015 (Tuesday)
First day Reflections

What did you do today?
We built the structure of the water tower such it can hold as much weight as possible before a crack was heard.

What did you learn today?
We learnt that in order to hold as much weight as possible, the base must be strong and that the middle of the balsa wood sticks must be supported as they bend the easiest, causing an error known as the buckling failure. We also learnt about the different types of errors. They are: Buckling Failure, Bending Failure, Punching failure and Compression Failure.

How do I feel about today's activities?
I feel that they were fun and exciting and also brain wrecking. Brain wrecking was because we had to think of the best way of building and also that our plan could not be executed due to insufficient wood. Fun and exciting because when we were testing the strength of the structure, some could hold lots of weight without breaking and there was one group where their structure broke into pieces. The reaction of everyone was hilarious.

27th May 2015 (Wednesday)
Second day Reflections

What did you do today?
We prepared our slides and presented them to the other people doing on the water tower competition and the judges.

What did I learn today?
I learnt that audiences can tell whether effort is put into making the presentation as mentioned by the teacher. If the audience asked a question you cannot answer, do not try to act smart and think you can answer the question, just admit that you cannot answer the question.

How do I feel about today's activities?
I feel that today's activities was a bit tiring as we spent half the day looking at the macbook screen and only stop looking at the screen during discussions and lunch.

What new questions do I have regarding the discipline?

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